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The Publisher | A Letter from Jimmy Dean

Dear Readers:

Jimmy Dean, Publisher Harbor Style MagazineWelcome to HARBOR STYLE and our Men’s Issue.

Every summer, we introduce you to a group of local gentlemen who have impressed us with either their humanity, their hobbies or their business acumen. Or maybe even all three. When we look for subjects, we often seek the story behind the person rather than just the person. We find it makes for a more interesting read, especially when we can link several subjects together and present a mosaic of humanity – and how that humanity makes our region so special.

In addition, and not to stereotype, but men’s hobbies generally involve high-octane fuel, burning rubber, eating, making some type of music or going very fast aboard some type of machine. This issue includes all that and more. When we began looking for subject matter for this issue, we did not need to look too far. Our area has such an ideal environment for all sorts of hobbies, sports and activities, and since we have so many retirees just aching for new challenges and pastimes, the choices are endless.

We settled on a mixture of fathers and sons, men and their machines, music and radio. This issue has turned out to be quite a nice mosaic of the humanity these gentlemen bring to our community.

In this issue, you will meet a unique automobile aficionado, several superboat teams, some father and son acts and a ham. A ham radio operator to be precise.

I have used the word humanity in this letter four times now – this sentence makes five. I just noticed that. Normally, I would go back, rewrite and remove that redundancy. On the other hand, the editor will. Maybe.

However, I hope she does not. (Editor’s Note: I did not.) I have always had a special place in my heart for that word. Merriam Webster says it means “Compassionate, sympathetic or generous behavior or disposition; the quality or state of being humane.” A very nice definition of all the men you will meet here.

Humanity…a very good word. And that second syllable – what’s that…?

Enjoy the Men’s Issue!



Jimmy Dean

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