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The Publisher | A Letter from Jimmy Dean

Dear Readers:

Jimmy Dean, Publisher Harbor Style MagazineCity and regional magazines like HARBOR STYLE are one thing and one thing only – a gathering spot.

A gathering spot where the community meets each month to celebrate the good things all around us and share stories about the people, places and pleasures that make this community so very special. Locals love us because we make everything look so beautiful and perfect, usually. We’re also a great tool for newcomers to use to learn the ropes – learn the who, what and where on everything under the beautiful, hot Florida sun.

Well, this issue is very special. Welcome to the 6th Annual HARBOR’S HOTTEST Special Edition!

In this issue, we report on the findings from our annual readers’ choice polling. Ballots appeared in the magazine earlier this year and you voted in record numbers. Thousands of ballots were cast for favorites across the spectrum of food and drink, entertainment and recreation and goods and services. This issue features a complete listing on which businesses out there are really leaning forward with quality in everything they do. They are the ones who got the votes and are extremely deserving of this singular celebration honoring their commitment to excellence. The HARBOR’S HOTTEST, indeed. See the feature starting on page 39 and be sure to see the Special Section on page 57. Let these merchants and businesses know you also salute their relentless efforts to provide the best product, people and experience possible.

Also in this issue, we take a look at all the growth and development going on around our community, especially over at the Punta Gorda Airport, which saw more than one-million passengers pass through its gates last year. Know how many passengers were flying into the airport just six short years earlier? Just over 180,000. Talk about growth!

Our very own Charlotte Harbor Visitor and Convention Bureau reports that people are visiting our little slice of paradise in record numbers year after year. And a lot of those people that come to visit? Well, they choose to stay and make this their home, too. And why not, we’ve got some of the hottest businesses around!

Speaking of, it’s hot out there. Let’s find a nice, cool gathering spot and share some great stories about our neighbors. Enjoy!



Jimmy Dean

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