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The Publisher | A Letter from Jimmy Dean

Dear Readers:

Jimmy Dean, Publisher Harbor Style MagazineThe way I see it, we were all put here to do one thing.

Get along.

Get along with ourselves and get along with each other. Take care of ourselves and help each other. And get along together.

This letter is usually the very last thing that gets written before we hand the magazine over to the printer. It’s the day after the news broke about the Las Vegas massacre. I am not nearly as talented as to be able to write about anything at all without having that horror inform and influence what I share in this space, a space that I usually use to tee-up the theme of this month’s issue.

We need to learn how to get along better. That monster in the hotel that Sunday night was not feeling the love. Perhaps he hadn’t felt the love for a long time. The lone wolf. Someone should have known. Someone must have known. And I am not even going to get into the laws that allow any one person to possess an arsenal of killing machines as he had amassed.

Yes, I’m sad, and yes, I’m mad. Mad at the madness itself. We need to learn to get along – that is it in a nutshell. And that starts in our communities. Our small, seemingly insignificant neighborhoods and subdivisions, our condominiums and apartment complexes. Our block. Our clubs. Our schools. Our churches. Our worlds happen here. If we can, within these communities, all look for our commonalities rather than seek out what makes us different…that’s all. The connective tissue of our communities helps identify those in need. Nothing else can do that.

And another thing. I hate to break the bad news, but our supreme advancement into the digital age has left us less connected…not more. Today we are connected to everyone else, yet we are lacking the human touch. We are less connected. We’ve reduced our communication skills down to a few emojis and keystrokes that can say something, yet be completely lacking of tone and feeling. I keep thinking about that CPA with the guns Sunday night. What was his hell that led to this? Was his life lived in front of a screen? Apparently no one saw anything. He was a loner. He must have been drowning in a world of pixels, bits and bytes and lost all touch with reality. Lost touch with his humanity and became the manifest devil himself, raining hate and death. The lone wolf.

I’m not blaming the internet for what happened – only posing a theory on our world today. I love the internet, but I also fear what our connectivity makes possible in the dark fringes of insanity. Still we pray for all the thousands who were so sadly impacted by the shooter’s actions. This will not go quietly.

Speak up about common-sense gun laws. Speak up about better funding for mental health issues and interests. Speak up about hate. Speak up about goodness and charity. Speak up.

Welcome to our Giving Issue. This issue is filled with people and groups that would love to get along with you. Catch up with them right here.

Thanks for reading – enjoy the issue.



Jimmy Dean

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