Voices in the Air

Rusty Pray speaks with local ham radio operators, men (and some women, too) who bring people, electronics and communication together in times of need. READ ONLINE

Who’s the Boss?

Carol Bruyere visits four popular restaurants run by father-son teams to find out their secrets to a successful business partnership.  READ ONLINE

Living Your Passion

Tom Watson finds out how Rick Treworgy managed to turn his hobby and passion into his business (well, one of them).  READ ONLINE

Convergence of Friendship & Music

Irene Butler takes a look at the early years of the Punta Gorda Guitar Army, which has been making music, memories, love and friendships since the early ‘90s.  READ ONLINE

The Need for Speed

Jonathon Kosec meets with local superboat teams and discovers that the love of big, fast boats is alive and well in Southwest Florida.  READ ONLINE