Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:

Welcome to our annual Giving Issue, without a doubt my favorite issue of the year because it highlights what I appreciate most about this incredible community we live in: our philanthropic nature. There are many things to love about the greater Charlotte Harbor area. We have a thriving arts scene. We have a wide array of restaurants and bars catering to everyone’s tastes. On any given weekend, there are more festivals and special events than you could ever hope to attend … at least during season. And, of course, we have our great outdoors and year-round sunshine. Yes, this is a mighty

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What’s New This Month


Just a Scratch

Artist Sheryl Unwin is admittedly obsessed with scratchboard, and can’t wait to share her obsession with students. READ ONLINE

The Fleeting Art of Frog McDonald

The dynamic work of one local artist is unmistakable, on the street and on canvas. Catch it while you can. Much of it is here today, gone tomorrow. READ ONLINE

Musical Jewels

HARBOR STYLE brings you a preview of the 2019-2020 musical season. READ ONLINE

Portrait of a Bent Brained Artist

Barry Thorne’s art is a reflection of a man who has spent his life restlessly moving from one dimension to another, one medium to the next. READ ONLINE

Seeing in Bra-lieving

At Dollars for Mammograms’ annual Bra-Dazzle Lunch, competitors in its Bra Decorating Contest routinely turn size 38C unmentionables into wearable works of art. READ ONLINE

A Tale of Talent and Tenacity

Englewood artist Carroll Swayze is passionate about art and protecting, nurturing and supporting her fellow artists. READ ONLINE