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Dear Readers:

December is that month where we look back at the past year and take stock of what we’ve accomplished and consider what we could have, perhaps, done differently. Here at HARBOR STYLE, our team feels we have accomplished much in 2017. We started out the year hoping we would continue to be a small but important thread in the fabric of our community that helps us all become better neighbors. We feel as if we have accomplished that. The comments and the new ad partners and subscribers we’ve gained and the general success our magazine has realized underscores that victory.

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What’s New This Month


Nature Preserved

Tom Watson speaks with photographer David Sussman about his exhibit at the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center. READ ONLINE

Faces of the Gulf Coast Partnership

Learn how the Gulf Coast Partnership is committed to bringing new levels of innovation and sustainability to strengthen our community’s human service systems.  READ ONLINE

One Garden at a Time

Carol Bruyere sits down with members of the Port Charlotte Garden Club, which is currently celebrating 60 years of beautifying the community.  READ ONLINE

The Crown Jewel of Florida Waterways

Jonathon Kosec takes a close look at the shimmering gem at the center of our community, Charlotte Harbor.  READ ONLINE

Get Out and Explore

Nancy J. Semon delivers the inside scoop on the Manasota Beach Club’s “Walk and Talk” Series, which will focus on some of Southwest Florida’s most stunning parks and natural areas.  READ ONLINE