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The word that is commonly used to name that room in our homes where we prepare our meals is completely inaccurate. “Kitchen” is a nice word; however, it falls far short of the true use of that room. It’s a living room. Just think about the last time you had friends or family over. The holidays are still fresh in our minds, and if your family is anything at all like ours, everyone gathered in your kitchen. And the size of that meal-preparation room really matters not. Everyone gets underfoot of the cook. Even little galley kitchens, or in the “mess” if


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What’s New This Month

February 2016

To Market, To Market

Barbara Bean-Mellinger takes a stroll through five of our community’s farmers markets, which are full of all the produce and freshly made goods you’d expect, along with a multitude of non-food items to tempt you.  READ ONLINE

Become a Foodie

Carol Bruyere visits with the Charlotte County Plant-Based Foodies, who aim to “spread the wealth of good health” by educating and supporting others on plant-based nutrition.  READ ONLINE

Community, Family & Beer

Robin Gardner finds out how the Wenzel family and Peace River Distributing have kept the Bud flowing in Charlotte County for 25 years. READ ONLINE

They’ve Got a Crush on Wine

Carol Bruyere meets with father and son wine connoisseurs Matt and Nick Nemec, who are on a journey to bring the finest boutique wines to Southwest Florida.  READ ONLINE

Food on Wheels

Nancy J. Semon visits with four local food trucks to see how the food truck phenomenon is doing in Charlotte County.  READ ONLINE