Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:

Welcome to our annual Food & Wine Issue – only there’s not actually any wine. Just Bloody Marys. We live in a food-obsessed culture. As I have spent this past month winding down after the holidays, I am reminded of that now more than ever. I don’t know about you, but for me, the end of 2018 felt like a non-stop food (and wine) fest. And not healthy food. In fact I think most days there was hardly a vegetable in sight, unless it was wrapped in a puffed pastry or smothered in cheese or dip. And the sugar –

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What’s New This Month


There’s Something About the Mary

Sue Wade samples everyone’s favorite weekend curative at several local establishments. READ ONLINE

The Food Comes to You

Nancy J. Semon researches the various restaurant and grocery delivery services available in our area.  READ ONLINE

Southern Hospitality

Jonathon Kosec visits Cheney Brothers’ Punta Gorda warehouse to learn about the company’s long history of putting their customers first.  READ ONLINE

Take a Flavor Adventure

Nancy J. Semon participates in a program that teaches people of all ages how nutritious food can help improve your health and quality of life.  READ ONLINE

Walk, Talk & Taste

Carol Bruyere joins Evie Alexander of Southwest Florida Walking Tours on a walking, talking and eating tour of Punta Gorda.  READ ONLINE