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Dear Readers:

Writers write. Dancers dance. Singers sing. Painters paint. Actors act. Photographers shoot. Musicians make music. Poets rhyme. Or not. The creative spirit is as restless as the wind. Creatives create because it’s what they were born to do – for to withhold is to shrivel and shrink and fall from the limb of life. To create is divine. The creation may be for an audience of only one – the creator. Or for many. It doesn’t matter to the creative. They live only to create. That creative spirit is this month’s theme – The Arts issue. Creative people don’t give

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What’s New This Month


Inspiration + Imagination = Art

Carol Bruyere meets with three local artists – abstract painter Beverly Yankwitt, sculptor Diane Davidson and potter Marlene Jones – and discovers the inspiration and imagination behind their creations. READ ONLINE

Bakers & Marble Makers

Robin Gardner delves into the science behind glass art and meets some local artisans who specialize in the craft.  READ ONLINE

Hired Guns

They help us tell our stories month after month. Meet the men behind the HARBOR STYLE lens, Steve Donaldson and Max Kelly.  READ ONLINE

Portrait of the Artist at Work

Rusty Pray visits Moore Art Expressions, where artist Scott Moore molds his artistic vision based in hope and positive thought.  READ ONLINE

Artistry in Nature

Tom Watson explores the Hermitage Artist Retreat on Manasota Key, where world-class artists nurture their creativity surrounded by nature.  READ ONLINE