Jimmy Dean, Harbor Style Magazine

Dear Readers:

I’ve been publishing magazines like HARBOR STYLE for this part of Florida for almost 40 years. In that time I have had the joy of working with dozens, maybe hundreds, of people who were chieftains of tourism. Tourism is and always has been the nectar of growth here. “Plant anything on US 41 where tourists can see it and sure as sunshine it’ll grow” was something an old-timer once told me. Magazines like ours have a unique voice in the tourism world, for we serve as a cornucopia of a community’s character. Visitors draw an impression of the area by

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What’s New This Month


The Ring Around the City

Al Hemingway takes a stroll along the Punta Gorda Pathways, 18 miles of pedestrian and bicycle friendly paths and trails throughout the city.  READ ONLINE

Faces of the Homeless Coalition

Learn how the Homeless Coalition strives to alleviate homelessness before it occurs.  READ ONLINE


Rusty Pray scopes out some of the best golf courses our area has to offer.  READ ONLINE

One for the Bucket List

Robin Draper investigates all the places you can go to observe – and even swim with – manatees in the wild.  READ ONLINE

Come Sail Away

Carol Bruyere sets sail with the kids and volunteers at Charlotte Harbor Youth Sailing, where young people learn sailing and seamanship in a safe, fun and structured environment.  READ ONLINE