Jimmy Dean, Harbor Style Magazine

Dear Readers:

Writers don’t have a whole lot to work with. Only 26 letters. That’s all. At least for the English language. Consider that every magazine or book you have ever read, every letter or email message you have received, every song whose lyrics touched you, every poem that made you think, laugh or cry – were all created using only 26 letters. Our alphabet. I see that as very limited resources. Yet with only these meager means, wordsmiths have created beauty and knowledge. Throughout the ages, writers, poets, lyricists and scientists have altered our reality through using only 26 letters to

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2018 HARBOR STYLE Charity Register

Presenting our annual go to reference guide for our local nonprofit community – we hope that within these pages, you can find one, or more, that you would like to support. READ ONLINE

Providing the Bread of Life

Rusty Pray learns how the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is helping our community by providing a safety net to those who might otherwise find themselves becoming homeless.  READ ONLINE

A Culture of Caring

Carol Bruyere visits the Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic and Englewood Community Care Clinic, two organizations serving those who cannot afford their own health insurance.  READ ONLINE

A Champion in the Fight Against Hunger

Jonathon Kosec takes a look at the Back Pack Kidz program, an ongoing effort to curtail childhood hunger in Charlotte County by distributing food-filled backpacks to more than 800 children each week.  READ ONLINE