Jimmy Dean, Harbor Style Magazine

Dear Readers:

Welcome to our annual Arts Issue! The best thing about art is this – it’s everywhere. You can find art wherever you cast your gaze here in Southwest Florida. Art in people, buildings, landscapes, parks and monuments, like the new Vietnam Memorial Wall at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda. That’s amazing, enduring art. The fact is, it’s really difficult to ignore art around here. I’ve tried. Just as an exercise one day, I consciously tried to seek out “vistas” where art was absent. I could not. Even the lonely cow in the middle of a dusty field beside the road,

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What’s New This Month


A Lonely Profession

Al Hemingway visits several writers groups that aim to bring masters of the written word together and help them publish their masterpieces.  READ ONLINE

Dancing Queens

Nancy J. Semon meets the owners of three local dance studios, who are inspiring others to realize their dreams.  READ ONLINE

Colorful Creations

Carol Bruyere profiles four artists who use bold and bright colors to capture your attention and awaken your imagination.  READ ONLINE

The Queens of Art

Rusty Pray meets with the heads of three of our community’s major arts organizations to find out what they are doing to keep the arts thriving in Southwest Florida.  READ ONLINE