Dear Readers:

Dear Readers:

Happy New Year! As we enter a new year—and a new decade—we here at the magazine, like many of you, have been thinking about what we can do to grow and improve. We’ve been focusing a lot on how we can better serve our community. We decided we really needed to take a look at the community itself. And what we realized—though we have known this all along—was that our greater community is actually a bunch of smaller communities that happily co-exist and together create our little corner of paradise. We decided that as a community magazine, we needed to

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What’s New This Month


Extending the Legacy

The soon-to-be extended Legacy Trail is walked, run, bladed and biked by nearly a quarter million people a year. READ ONLINE

It’s About Time

Charlotte County is now home to two Comprehensive Stroke Centers, which means faster treatment for local stroke patients. READ ONLINE

Grace. Strength. Balance.

A safe, low-impact exercise for any age or fitness level, Pilates lengthens and stretches your major muscle groups and improves your health. READ ONLINE

Pushing Plants, Not Pills

An insatiable Naples popularizer, two new Venice restaurateurs and a plant-based Port Charlotte cardiologist are spreading the word that “vegan” doesn’t have to mean “starving. READ ONLINE

What’s the Pickle?

One of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., pickleball is about to hit its prime—especially in Charlotte County. READ ONLINE