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Dear Readers:

A few years ago, I recalled upon the words of the late, great scientist Carl Sagan in my opening letter to help set up an environmentally themed issue. I reminded you about “The Pale Blue Dot.” I recommend it to anyone who has ever been curious about the absolute cosmic lottery everyone on this earth has won just by being human. I want to pull that old saw out again this month as I attempt to tee-up our annual Outdoor Life issue. In Sagan’s prophetic tome, he challenges the imagination to consider the profound reality that this wonderful, glorious, beautiful

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What’s New This Month


Get Your Motor Running

Jonathon Kosec takes a look at today’s biker, who loves enjoying life on the road while focusing on safety, fun and community. READ ONLINE

Fish Shack

Rusty Pray and Max Kelly spend a tranquil night in the middle of Pine Island Sound, learning the rich history of local fish shacks and listening to tales of days gone by.  READ ONLINE

Working for Cleaner Waterways

Nancy J. Semon learns more about the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, which focuses on improving water quality in the greater Charlotte Harbor estuary while maintaining the integrity of the whole system.  READ ONLINE


Carol “Jolene” Bruyere finds out what you need to know to go fishing when you don’t have access to a boat!  READ ONLINE

When Life Gives You Lemons

Jonathon Kosec explores Lemon Bay, one of the most beautiful areas Southwest Florida has to offer.  READ ONLINE