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Dear Readers:

“You have cancer.” Nothing or no one can ever properly prepare you to hear those words. My turn to hear them came late last year near the holidays. It was prostate cancer, the news delivered by my urologist of 20+ years, a friend as well as physician. After hearing those three words, my ears immediately started ringing. His mouth kept moving as he continued to talk, but all I heard was a deafening ringing. A piercing ringing through my head. My eyes must have gone wide. “Are you okay?” he asked. “You’re telling me I have cancer...no, I am pretty

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What’s New This Month

JULY 2017

Guys and Their Stuff

Scott Spear and Max Kelly team up to visit several local collectors and check out their stuff – from cars and guitars to fishing lures and even life-sized robots. READ ONLINE

Fellowship of the Leaf

Rusty Pray takes a glimpse into the fellowship and camaraderie of cigar smoking.  READ ONLINE

Young and In Charge

Nancy J. Semon meets with some local young professionals who have found success by using fresh approaches in running their formerly traditional businesses. READ ONLINE

On My Honor

Carol Bruyere goes inside the world of the Boy Scouts of America, who teach our nation’s boys and young men to be good citizens who strive to make the world a better place. READ ONLINE