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Dear Readers:

If you have been a fan of HARBOR STYLE for any time at all, you probably have our formula figured out. We publish 12 issues a year. Each month, we have our editors and photographers focus on one particular aspect of life here in Charlotte Harbor – one that everyone has a keen interest in. That gives us 12 opportunities each year to really dig deeply into the subject and examine it from several different angles. We do this for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we think it makes for the best magazine – the best use of

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What’s New This Month


Four-Footed Heroes

Nancy J. Semon sits down with volunteers from Peace River K9 Search and Rescue to learn how they and their four-footed partners help search for missing persons. READ ONLINE

Cleared For Takeoff

Carol Bruyere takes a look at how the EDP and Charlotte County EDO partnered together to bring Western Michigan University to Charlotte County.  READ ONLINE


Robin Gardner visits with author Don Landy to discuss his books about the life-changing love humans and their pets share. READ ONLINE

Answering the Call of the Wild

Rusty Pray takes a tour of Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, where volunteers spend their days loving and caring for animals that have been abused and neglected in captivity. READ ONLINE

Animal Advocates

Carol Bruyere takes a look at how the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County is dedicated to providing safe refuge, nourishment and love to homeless animals. READ ONLINE