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Dear Readers:

I have been called a magazine maniac. I have been called this by my wife, a person who knows me better than anyone. She has grounds to make this accusation. She’s the one who gets the mail from the mailbox every day. Mixed in with the bills and junk mail are current issues of the two or three dozen magazines I regularly subscribe to. “Did you know you have 38 magazine subscriptions? I counted them,” she recently announced. “Your New Year’s resolution – stop subscribing!” It’s my vice, I admit. I just love magazines. Always have. My new favorite magazine?

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What’s New This Month


Wine vs. Beer

Carol Bruyere and Jonathon Kosec take sides in the age-old question as to which adult beverage is best. READ ONLINE

You Can, Too, Puree a Pie Crust

Rusty Pray sits down with Diane Wolff, author of The Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook, to discuss dysphagia and the need for delicious puree recipes for adults.  READ ONLINE

Fresh Produce Revolution

Nancy J. Semon meets with two local couples are dedicated to providing Charlotte County with fresh produce and more for healthy eating and living.  READ ONLINE

They See Me Rollin’

Tom Watson visits four Charlotte County food trucks that are serving up authentic NY style pizza, Maine lobster rolls, Texas-style brisket and Caribbean cuisine.  READ ONLINE

Cup of Joe

Rusty Pray stops in for a cup at three local joints that are about more than just coffee.  READ ONLINE