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The Dunn-Rankin family is my partner in this magazine. Derek and David were the first people I came to when HARBOR STYLE entered my mind 10 years ago. The truth is, I’ve never known anyone quite like Derek Dunn-Rankin. We met in the ‘80s when I was launching a business-to-business magazine in Sarasota; he had just bought the SUN and made it a daily, a big media move back then. Our business magazine did a feature with photo spreads of him posing with the giant press machines behind him. That was about 1984. I’ve admired him and his team’s work ever

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What’s New This Month

JUNE 2016

Harbor’s Hottest Readers’ Choice Awards

Our readers have spoken! Take a look at who YOU voted as the Harbor’s Hottest businesses!  READ ONLINE

Feel Free to Cruise

No boat? No problem! Carol Bruyere finds ways you can enjoy the open waters even if you are not a boat owner. READ ONLINE

Get Up, Get Out, Get Active

Al Hemingway gives you an inside look at all the things Charlotte County Community Services provides for our enjoyment.  READ ONLINE

Living the Good Life

Nancy J. Semon takes you aboard two luxury yachts to see how glamourous life on the water can be.  READ ONLINE