Dear Readers:

These are certainly some strange and tragic times we are living in. And with 24-hour news channels, we see it all. As this issue was going to press, the images of Harambe, the 400-pound Silverback Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo that was tragically lost in a horrific twist of events Memorial Day weekend, were still fresh in our minds. The metaphorical lynching of the 3-year-olds parents, enabled easily today via social networks, was equally as horrible. One minute the child is there by your side – the next, he’s gone. I mean, who among us has not lost sight of a

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What’s New This Month

JULY 2016

Authentic St. Augustine

Robin Draper offers readers an Authentic Florida guide to an epic St. Augustine heritage vacation.  READ ONLINE

Lives of Service

Nancy J. Semon meets with four men who are making a difference in government and education administration. READ ONLINE

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of…

Carol Bruyere sits down with brothers Alex and Ben Voss to learn all about Punta Gorda’s very own rum distillery, Alligator Bay Distillers.  READ ONLINE

Looking for a Few Good Men

Robin Gardner takes an inside look at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast and their search for men to volunteer as Big Brothers.  READ ONLINE

Men and Their Flying Machines

Barbara Bean-Mellinger takes flight (okay, not literally) with a few local plane collectors.  READ ONLINE