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Dear Readers:

Today is my mother’s birthday. February 7. She would have been 95. Passed on to heaven for 25 years now, she has been on my mind a lot recently. Not to get into any psychobabble, but our relationship was “complicated”. My father committed suicide when I was 13, and she became emotionally unavailable to me pretty much after that. However we very much loved one another and she taught me my life’s most important lesson: “Pay it forward.” We didn’t call it that, but it was simply the responsibility that we all have and share in as a part of

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What’s New This Month

MARCH 2017

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Al Hemingway meets with the women of the Punta Gorda Garden Club to see what they’re doing to help keep Punta Gorda beautiful. READ ONLINE

Have a MOMosa

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Cawfee Tawk

Rusty Pray talks cawfee and Pork Roll and all things Jersey with the Jersey girls known as the Fresh Jersey Tomatoes. READ ONLINE

Living Lives of Passion

Nancy J. Semon sits down with three local women driven by a passion to make the world a cleaner, happier and healthier place. READ ONLINE

A Family of Professionals

Carol Bruyere pays a visit to two local networks of the Women’s Council of Realtors to learn about what they are doing to advance women as professionals and leaders in business, the real estate industry and the communities they serve. READ ONLINE