Jimmy Dean, Harbor Style Magazine

Dear Readers:

Here at the magazine, we always theme our October issue around the bountiful arts scene we have here in the Greater Charlotte Harbor region, and we are never at a loss for words. Perhaps it’s because we have such a plethora of opportunities in which to immerse ourselves in the arts. We have access to everything from large symphonic orchestras and intimate chamber music to throwing pottery, experiencing opera, stage performances of drama, comedy and romance, plein air painting and so very much more. In this issue, we examine several facets of the sparkling jewels of artistic expression we enjoy

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What’s New This Month


30 Years of Art

Nancy J. Semon visits Sea Grape Gallery, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and gets to know the 21 artists who make up this nonprofit cooperative fine arts gallery. READ ONLINE

Save Our Arts

Jonathon Kosec takes a look at how our local schools find it increasingly difficult to provide important programs like music and art and what the community can do to help support art programs in our schools.  READ ONLINE

A Tale of Two Symphonies

Carol Bruyere checks in with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and Venice Symphony to learn what new and exciting things are on the music horizon.  READ ONLINE

Genuine Artistic Genius

Carol Bruyere introduces our readers to three extremely talented local artists – Christine Keyworth, Zoe Hale and Dan Swails – and their unique creations.  READ ONLINE