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Dear Readers:

Happy New Year! The turn of the calendar means something different to each of us. That annual turn of the page can represent just another chapter in our lives, or an entirely new book. A new beginning. And with 2019, we begin a new chapter here at HARBOR STYLE. Our new chapter has a slightly new design. We’ve worked to freshen things up a bit and will continue to make some aesthetic changes here and there over the coming months. Rest assured our content is not changing. We will still be bringing you the high quality, well written and beautifully

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What’s New This Month


The Heart of the Matter

Nancy J. Semon sits down with medical experts to discuss the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in our society. READ ONLINE

Running for their Lives

Sue Wade learns how Zoomers Southwest Florida Running and Triathlon Club supports members of all ages in a healthy lifestyle.  READ ONLINE

A Healthy Start

Carol Bruyere visits Englewood Sky Academy, where they are teaching our youth how to get healthy and stay healthy.  READ ONLINE

More Than Gold

Rusty Pray speaks with participants in Charlotte County’s Fit for Life Senior Games about health, quality of life and camaraderie.  READ ONLINE